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_Merome By _Merome Updated 11 months ago
What if one day your entire world turned upside down? What if one day the man who was your soulmate suddenly was gone forever? What if you started forgetting what he looked like, how he smelled, how he felt, how he kissed? What if, when you are cleaning out his house, you find his diary?  Mitchell Hughes is a broken man. His lover, Jerome Aceti, died in a car crash, leaving Mitch with several questions and an engagement ring. He doesn't eat, he doesn't sleep. He self harms and has tried committing suicide a few times. Mitch doesn't have control over his body and is emotionless now except for three feelings: Pain, sadness, and emptiness. Mitch finally gets the ability to step into the house that once belonged to his deceased lover. When going through his closet, he finds Jerome's diary. To cope with the pain, Mitch reads one entry each week. With each entry, he is remembering everything about Jerome. He is getting happier. Will Mitch be changed by the time the diary ends, at the twenty-sixth entry? Or will he find out secrets about Jerome that were better left hidden?  highest spot in fanfiction: #312 12-29-13 Copyright © 2013 merome All Rights Reserved
gigi122606 gigi122606 5 months ago
that would have been my birthday present because my birthday is December 26
Swednsdiggyhole Swednsdiggyhole 6 months ago
Such a good story, makes my heart heart but I'm hooked from the first chapter! ;-;
Britmd2001 Britmd2001 a year ago
Omfg I ..... *cries* I love you but this story is wrecking me ;c
Lilybell99 Lilybell99 a year ago
@sp27515 when are you going to update? This story is amazing! And it takes a lot to make me cry, but this one did the job... It's really sad, but just amazing.
TopherDeTopher TopherDeTopher a year ago
*Reads "The other 1/2 is dead :)"* ..............................Oh.
lovedove66009 lovedove66009 a year ago
damn it man.....not even to the frist chapter and you got me cryin!