My bestfriend is now the schools badass, player, and my number one enemy

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_immaloserandloner By _immaloserandloner Updated 2 years ago
Daniel Black is the schools badass and player. he couldnt give a shit about anybody but himself and is sexy and he knows it. Maria Bell former best friend of mr.concieted as she likes to refer to him is nice , friendly ,  honor roll students and pretty popular with guys herdelf. Shes firneds with everybody and is pretty much neutral in all the cliques. The only person she despises in the whole school is Daniel , Mr.Player himself. His cocky attitiude and perfect looks not to mention his charm attracts girls to him like moth to a flame. When she gets partnered with him to in a volenteer project that lasts the rest of junior year she couldnt help but think that all hell has broken loose.
RawrAerikaRawr RawrAerikaRawr 3 years ago
The guy on the side looks like a friend of mine NAMED DANIEL haha that jjust made me laugh a little(:

&& Gotta love how Andy Sixx is playing Andy and Alex Evans as Daniel. Because those to men are fuckin sexy(:
emilyjb1c emilyjb1c 3 years ago
It's so goodd!! And its only the first chapter?I forget... hehe:) but there's one thing, the grammar, capital letters and shortened words are a put off, don't take it seriously, it just something for the future, but overall the book is really really good!
momoluvsya momoluvsya 3 years ago
Make sure you check things like capitol letters and grammar. Also, one part said "Danielle", but I think you meant Daniel? Haha that could be a lil awkward. Other than that, it looks good :)