{Avenged Sevenfold} Help Me Find My Way {Book 2}

Andrea and Jimmy Jr. have been joined by a younger brother Dakota. To those outside and even most inside the Avenged family it seems that the Sanders family has been significantly blessed. To those in the Sanders family it is very apparent that everything is not so blessed. As much as Andy tries she can't seem to quite except Matt as her father even though she knows that he isn't trying to replace Jimmy she just can't seem to bring herself to let him in her heart as her father. Her inability to accept him tears at the family harmony threatening to drive a deep wedge in an otherwise happy domestic situation. What will happen when Andy realizes before the rest of the family that Kathy is pregnant again? Will she be able to find it in her heart to help her mother through a dangerous pregnancy? Will she be able to accept Matt as her father for the sake of her family?
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Hai, I'm new to wattpad, can you please check out my story and see what I can do to make it good? Great story, keep going :D xxx
Okay, I hate this story already...jk..but its unfair that I have to sit at my desk allllll day and blubber like a big baby! :) love it.

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