Whispers of Guidance. Completed.

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Saami By shagsami Completed
Katherine Williams would have never imagined the consequences of purchasing a ring on her birthday. Will an average college girl be able to handle the whispers leading to all the bad and evil Or are they misunderstood for guidance? Is it just about the whispers. If so then what does the Clown wants? Will she be able to choose between the love of her life or her life itself?
I have a few great stories and you can read them I havnt had comments and need inspiration
Stupid tablet,  it does this to me all the time. Down meant down no meant or.  Sorry
The story was great and I was wondering if you like stories that are finished NO a story with 6 chapters, what kind of stories down u like?
Awesome. I love it sooo far. Keep writing. Finally I made and account to read just your book. I loved it so far and am gonna read it further more.
I like it! I can totally relate to the lead. the lazy kath is just me. Her friend rose is cute too. 
                                    even i have a cat. her name is moon. :)
That's a nice plot shag! your story has a good beginning but it is getting better with time...
                                    keep it up ;)
                                    And yea! this kath is soo much like you,almost in every way .omg i was picturing you in almost every scene....nina dobrev almost killed my constructive imagination........