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Chelsea did not have it easy in life, she was put up for adoption as a baby, 8 months old and whoever gave her up must have assumed that everyone wants a baby, but they probably did not factor in that no one wants a defective baby. Now 18 years old and heading off too Southern California to study dance and art at USC. She still had no real family of her own, only being accompanied by Jack and Casey, her two werewolf bodyguards, their two brothers and mate, as well as Helen. 

After the loss of her adoptive father Chelsea needed a change of pace and moving to California seemed like a good change… but is she ready for the biggest change of all? Meeting her mate? Her family?

Is she ready for the unexpected?

Gabriel had one motto in life: Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have...

Now with things quickly changing what is he willing to give up?

What or who is he willing to forget to get the one person in the world made just for him.

The beginning is a bit bumpy but this is my first story so please give it a try.... and hang in there because it will pick up, I PROMISE!! 

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I have an apple AND a glass of water, who winning now? 

"Sighs" I know I know
I dont know either. People were saying that it was in her works but it isnt anymore. Hmpf lol
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Leo's a horrible mate 
Dose he really think that she will like him more if he kill Jason !!!!!!!!
He's horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he killed her foster dad person . I don't like him
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