We're Just Friends:A Diggy Love Story

This story is about how two bestfriends fall in love with each other and all the drama and happiness the relationship will bring :)
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what was he doing in her room anyway are adopted sister and brother like i don't even know how old they are.
Aw!! SO cute!! That's how me and my best guy friend is....we don't like each other though...we just flirt....
i like the book so far!! :) if you guys dont mind,im new here so if you can check out my book called Girl Gone Bad,i'd really appreciate it.Thanks!
See i dnt think i could be as strong as her...... i would probably attack Diggy ;)
L.O.V.E.D CHAPTER 1 IT WAS AMAZING!! I told my friends about it and they are all reading your story :) Your a good writer***

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