Teenage Wasteland

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Gracie_Strattyn By Gracie_Strattyn Updated 2 years ago
This is a series of short stories about teens in post-apocalyptic worlds. Whether it be cannibals, aliens, or zombies, these teens would do anything in order to survive. When the world has been destroyed, you’ll find you don’t have much to lose . . . except your life.
locutuslupin locutuslupin 2 years ago
what a great idea for a story. The scene with the child's finger was wonderfully creepy!
ElleEsbe ElleEsbe 2 years ago
@Gracie_Strattyn Yeah you'll get through it. Maybe watching movies or reading books in the same genre would help. People have come up with many ways the world could end, robots, aliens, war, zombies, the story will come. Good luck :)
ElleEsbe ElleEsbe 2 years ago
I'm loving this idea, I'm loving the title and you need to keep adding stories.  I wish I had thought of this first lol :)
Wow. Is this the whole story? If so, I can't wait for the next short story!