Sorceress of the Deep (ON HOLD)

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Abby By Snowdrop07 Updated 3 years ago
~ Just fly away... ~
    Alumina is a Sorceress. Yeah, I said 'Sorceress'. On the Island Of Forsaken Secrets where she lives, it's no big deal. But there are far more than Sorcerers and Sorceresses living there, in fact, Alumina regularly brushes shoulders with Vampires, Werewolves, Ninjas, Zombies, and of course, the humans. But tension is in the air, and eventually the species can't stand being nice to each other anymore. War is declared.
    But not everyone wants a part in the war. But then again, neither does everyone have a choice. Behind the smiles of the Mayor and his Fleet, are softly whispered threats. Alumina, along with the other young Sorcerers and Sorceresses, is forced to play a part in the unfolding events, but ones she wishes she could leave forever. Unfortunately, in a island full to capacity with hidden secrets, thinly-veiled threats, and alliances which are close to breaking point, nothing is simple.
    And of course, there's the matter with the wand. But it's pointless, right?
    Eventually, Alumina realises that the solution is simple... or is it? Through the chaos of an island torn apart by war, comes an escape, and one that leads to far more than just freedom.
A great chapter. I liked this a lot. It is a unique idea. I agree the capital letters are a bit distracting. I would use bold or italics instead.
Great start. I don't like Narcissa. And your cover is GORGEOUS!