Insane but Magical

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Maxi Potter is a natural rebel,  she doesn't intend it to be that way, but it is. But she also has another secret. She is a witch, and she goes to Hogwarts, is a Gryffindor fifth year and she is well known there, because she is cousin to The Chosen One Harry Potter, and like him trouble stalks her and then pounces when she least expects it and she often finds herself stuck in some VERY bad situations and her best friends are usually dragged down with her. But now it's gone to a whole new level of insanity, the high all mighty Hogwarts Pink Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge has come to dominate Hogwarts and Maxi and her friends find themselves  on the brink of becoming outlaws. They become very rebellious and they don't know why. 
      Maxi also discovers she has a younger sister she doesn't know about and things start to become darker around her. Come along for this treachrous ride and uncover some very startling secrets that will lead to the final battle
1.i love it 
                           name is Electra to 
                                    3.actually ηλεκτρα
Haha I love SHORT STACK they are amazing my sister is good friends wiv I love them so much but when they broke up I died
AWESOME. Harlequin is AMAZING. Short Stack is AMAZING. You are AMAZING.
                                    Oh and Short Stack are Aussie, mate. Just to let ya know.
                                    HUFFLEPUFF FOREVER