Sometimes in life you're invisible, and sometimes you don't have the courage to speak. Sometimes it happens at the same time.
Nice. Very relating for those people who loved with all their hearts and made great effort, but still got nothing for return because of a BIG reason.
this is an amazing book!!!! (scream) your really are a good writer I loved both of your books you wrote please write more stories
this is my favourite story on here.. and I've read it loads of times, but I still have no words:0
Who ever says it sucks doesn't know what they are saying, this is amazing!
I seriously love your works! They're always so original and keeps me on the verge of happy dancing in the middle of my room like a lunatic hyped on gallons of sweetened coffee XD please don't EVER stop writing! You're WAAAAYYYYYY too talented! :D
This was a beautiful story. I feel exactly like that girl in the story, but I don't have courage like her, so I will always wonder what would have happened if I actually talked to that one boy.