100 Things (AND MORE!) To Do In The Hunger Games~WATTY AWARDS 2012

RATED LOL FOR LAUGH-OUT-LOUDNESS! So just a bunch of random FUNNY things me and my friends made one day at lunch. Enjoy!
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Violence is never the answer (smiles sweetly) NOW BREAK IT UP BEFORE I BASH YOU GUYS UP!!
Yes and invite all the tributes to watch then at the after party kill each other but be a good host and join in!!
I'd take someone's cereal if they had it and yell "SILLY TRIBUTE!!! TRIX ARE FOR KIDS!!!"
While I was being attacked, I would sing "LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR STATE FARM IS THERE" and then they'd show up and save me
@sugargem01 thats kuz someone is watching you, the Game Makers. Oh yeah, and the whole country.
Tobias in the interviews:
Caesar: so, what do you think your most powerful weapon will be
Tobias: CAKE!!!

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