100 Things (AND MORE!) To Do In The Hunger Games~WATTY AWARDS 2012

RATED LOL FOR LAUGH-OUT-LOUDNESS! So just a bunch of random FUNNY things me and my friends made one day at lunch. Enjoy!
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I would feel bad...but then again they would probably kill me after a while so... BURN THEM!!!
@jubette333 You may be more random than me.

*Pumps fist on chest two times*

I'm going to honestly watch the movie again and just say that randomly. My sister: :(
Apperate away! Oh wait, you can't apperate inside the arena. It was in hunger games, a history.
Nah my fart made him scurry @.@ I literally just farted, I can taste the onions and ketchup.
Yes, they get a bomb than they look over at you who's face is squished into a double chin with a small ugly smile.

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