100 Things (AND MORE!) To Do In The Hunger Games~WATTY AWARDS 2012

RATED LOL FOR LAUGH-OUT-LOUDNESS! So just a bunch of random FUNNY things me and my friends made one day at lunch. Enjoy!
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That be soo funny! Somone coming "I'm not playing, I'm having a dance party" hahaha!
What about half roman and half Greek like a certain black haired water loving demigod?
I did this to my friend. She didn't trust me for a month. So never do that to your friend.
Now ur talking! Wait wouldn't we then get eaten, then 'die' (however cookies die).
She might have to ask her walking glitter pen of a boyfriend for advice! His advice would most likely be to use hair spray!
In this district we eat chocolate frogs and bump into pillars cause dobby blocked then :DD

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