The Change

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Ivy By IvyTheZombie Updated 3 years ago
You know how every school has that one outcast? The one girl/boy who nobody likes? Well that's Katniss. She's the girl that everybody ignores and picks on. She has only ever had one true friend; Derek Night. But when Katniss moves away for a year. Will things be the same when she gets back? Katniss comes back as a girl with a rocking body, new hair style, and goes by "Kat". How will Derek react to her? How long can she keep her secret hidden? Katniss tries everything to get her old life back, even if it means going back to her old looks..

I know I suck at descriptions.. But.. Oh well..
Loving this chapter sweetie!Your my mate anyways..And always will be!
                                                                                        Your alpha mate,
                                                                                            Derek Jay <3
I love this story so far.:) Just sayin this song was the mortician's daughter, not carolyn.. i thnk?