Farm Girl Has Bad Boy

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Lindsay By Monst3rs Completed
***Third Book in the Farm Girl and Bad Boy Series***   River Snow's boring life has been left in the dust of County Road Six. Now pregnant, her and the gorgeous, mysterious and possibly addicting Emery Hastings are faced with the challange of impending parenthood. Closer then ever with Emery's past behind them, it seems that everything is going perfectly fine with the perfect couple. However when someone from Emery's childhood steps into the picture just before Emery hits the freedom of his eighteenth birthday, will River be able to make him stay with her and their unborn child? River hopes so, because after all, Emery is the one person that changed her entire life.
That's ridiculous.  They're having a baby for Christ's sake.
Haha so he could sleep in her room again. Emery you sly dog c;
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Three words are the only things that mean anything to me. And they are: Fuck. You. Emery.
My face won't unstick from my mouth hanging open in shock and me tearing up!
I absolutely love this trilogy! I want more from river and emery!
I love how the books all (almost) have the same beginning, shows how great of a writer you are!