My Muted Mate.

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    Abigail Crow never had the best life. Her father is abusive and her mother an alcoholic. The only thing stopping her from calling the police is her little brother, Tyler, who she doesn't want to get separated with. Her father tormented her all her life, she socially awkward and traumatized that she forced to stay quiet, her father not wanting to risk anything. 
    Scott Russo is just like any other guy-aside from his family being all wolves. He watches his brothers be with their mates and wants that, but after two years of being alone, he still waiting. 
    So when Abigail and Scott meet, both their lives changes.
    - - -
    Second Book Is Called My Rebellious Mate
    Third Book Is Called My Warlock Mate
    *A New Dawn--this is in the same world but different characters and time period.
Every other comment is dirty minded am I the only one who realised she meant to be a mute
but if u don't finish highschool u have like zero chance of getting away from ur parents
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It's not that funny when I say it out loud.... But if you saw the image in my mind then you'd laugh too
Hahhahhaahah cubs! I'm sorry I just had to laugh all I was imagining a wolf bear child!
my dad said he's never driving me to or from school even if its raining and he has nothing to do