Starting Over

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psht_itskatienbreX3 By psht_itskatienbreX3 Updated 2 years ago
Jezzabell Blue. She was always an outcast. Usually when you have zero friends and everybody hates you, even you start to wish you had a chance to start over…well what happens when you do? Highland High. New school, new people, but most importantly; new Jezzabell. No more being a complete outcast lucky for her it’s really easy, until her past catches up with her. Who knew starting over could be so complicated…
sexy_love_panda sexy_love_panda 3 years ago
lol the letter super funny and then i'll kill you with eyeliner lol voted loooved it add it to libary so I could read it later. =)
trishthewriter trishthewriter 4 years ago
I'm intrigued. I like your protagonist. She's very believable and makes me want to keep reading. 
Uhauha Uhauha 4 years ago
Lol i like the don't drop the soap! :D
Good story!!!! Keep up the good work!!!
lgoffe lgoffe 4 years ago
hey i decided to read it now before i pass out lol its cool and i voted XD