Conduct in Question

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maryemartin By maryemartin Updated 8 months ago
Meet Harry Jenkins, Toronto lawyer. Look below the surface of his city. Follow his growth toward compassion and understanding while he tracks a killer dubbed The Florist and roots out a massive money laundering fraud from the darkest corridors of power and influence. All is not as it seems.
nirvika nirvika 2 years ago
A very mature piece feels like the opening of a proper commercial novel
JupiterMagic JupiterMagic 2 years ago
This is so cool!
Once i got the Wattpad app,It was there imediatley!
I really like the plot and practically everything about it. Got me hooked on the first part :D
KiplingthePuppy KiplingthePuppy 2 years ago
Harry reminds me of a lawyer I junioured at my last firm. Lovely man, soft spoken, smart as a whip.  One question - Ms. Deighton seems like one of the grand old dames of Toronto. Would she really be seeing people in her bedroom? Wouldn't she be having visitors in the parlour?
KiplingthePuppy KiplingthePuppy 2 years ago
Really enjoying the story. Like Harry's character. Looking forward to seeing where the story takes me.
KiplingthePuppy KiplingthePuppy 2 years ago
Wow! Great opening. Good red hearing about whether Crawford was the florist. Or is it a red herring?