What do you mean I'm a Rogue? !

Lily Owns turned into a Werewolf. She doesn't know anything about her kind not that she care's. When she moved to South Carolina almost everyone is a werewolf. Their rude and gives her disgusting looks. And what's with everyone calling her Rogue? Most importantly why is she so attracted to the boy with icy blue eye's? (Slowly editing)
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*Talking about the pre-lood* Does that mean I'm a werewolf? I live in South Carolina!
Update... Please update.... It's a nice story.... Update... Can't wait for the update.... >.<
the grammar is really bad but you have a great story line but with the grammar it's hard to understand. but I like it :-)
I loove this book but Plz read my book its my first so keep in mind . I totes worked hard so plzzz checout * puppy eyes* luv ya guys<3
Hey guys please check out my book i just started writing pl plz check out  
Its totes worth it!!!
what's with all the teachers names? hahah petty great for a first chapter . . . imma guessing alexander bloke is the alpha? or the sluts mate?

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