What do you mean I'm a Rogue? ! (Don't Read)

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Telnisha Haymond By Telnisha Haymond Updated 4 months ago
Lily Owns turned into a Werewolf, which shocked her because she had no idea that creatures like her existed. She doesn't know anything about her kind, not that she cares. When she moves to South Carolina - almost everyone is a werewolf. They're rude and gives her disgusting looks, not only that but they keep calling her Rogue. She can deal with all of that, but she can't understand why she's so attracted to the boy with icy blue eyes. (Terrible grammar, so don't say I didn't warn you. Slowly editing)
I have a butt but boobs aren't big. I dont wear makeup and I'm pretty tall for a girl but most boys are taller than me.
up at 6 then 5 more minutes,woke up 6:30,school at 7:40 for p&w then class starts at 8 and ends in 4, such life,i crie evritym *sniffs*
my school starts at 8-3  but my bus gets at my house at 6:53 so I have to wake up at 6
why on earth are u people commenting on the girls physical appearance..really?
i hate wearing makeup coz its just making ur self into a doll..urrgh as a girl that's just stupid
8:55-3:05/ish depends if our teacher we have let's us out early, then it's 2:55. Or if we have a pissy teacher, then sometimes 3:10 -_- 
Almost all my teachers r pretty chill so I normally get out early.