What do you mean I'm a Rogue? ! (Don't Read)

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TelnishaHaymond By TelnishaHaymond Updated a month ago
Lily Owns turned into a Werewolf, which shocked her because she had no idea that creatures like her existed. She doesn't know anything about her kind, not that she cares. When she moves to South Carolina - almost everyone is a werewolf. They're rude and gives her disgusting looks, not only that but they keep calling her Rogue. She can deal with all of that, but she can't understand why she's so attracted to the boy with icy blue eyes. (Terrible grammar, so don't say I didn't warn you. Slowly editing)
Tbaira Tbaira 6 days ago
up at 5:30 on the bus by 6:30 at school at 7 and class starts at 7:30 til 2:30 yay
kiran7352 kiran7352 12 days ago
My school starts at 8:30am too but my lil bro so lucky his school starts at 9:00am,
hashydizzy hashydizzy 18 days ago
@mzztae153 I had a p.e, teacher named ms.butler one time a kid told her to get water,  they got detention but it was funny
hashydizzy hashydizzy 18 days ago
I choked on my milk when you said 10am, WTURBG (what the unicorn rainbow butt gas) ?!?!?!?!?!
I_luv_teenfiction I_luv_teenfiction 22 days ago
I really like this book please keep writing it's really good 
janeyamos9 janeyamos9 2 months ago
I went to two high schools when I was a senior. One school started at 8:30 and let out at 2:45. The other started at 8:00 and let out at 3:00. As for the 16:10, that is 4:10 pm. (Military and international times).