What do you mean I'm a Rogue? ! (Don't Read)

Lily Owns turned into a Werewolf. She doesn't know anything about her kind not that she care's. When she moved to South Carolina almost everyone is a werewolf. Their rude and gives her disgusting looks. And what's with everyone calling her Rogue? Most importantly why is she so attracted to the boy with icy blue eye's? (Slowly editing)
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Shouldn't that be switched. Ya know, green hair brown eyes = green EYES brown HAIR
Mine starts at 7:45 and I will always arrive at 8:20... But know that im starting high school it starts at 8:20
mine starts at 8:35 but i live 2 mins away (by car) so i wake up on the last 5 mins
te-hee I love how it says don't read and I'm still reading it, *cracks knuckles* I'm such a rebel
@crystal515 Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
I feel it in my bones, enough to make my system glow.       I had to do it this song popped in my hear when I read this

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