Love you so much that I hate you

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_Black_skinny_jeans By _Black_skinny_jeans Updated 2 years ago
After blowing up Ian Smith`s car for some reason , Jennifer King gets jail for five years. Then she remembers how she`d met that sexy Ian , in a bar , after her boyfriend cheated on her . But , it looks like that Mr. Ian isn`t in a happy place neither - he broke up with his girlfriend . They soon bond . Read up and find out how did this love story became a love/hate story and why ....
righttowrite21 righttowrite21 2 years ago
i love court scenes and your story opened with one, very well written, there are a few errors here and there which can be overlooked due to the good plot,keep up the good work..:)
WildRose393 WildRose393 2 years ago
I think it flowed well, however the spacings between the words are quite irritating and they ruin the image of your piece, it would be best to fix that.
Good description, but it needs some grammatical editing, nothing that won't be fixed :)
BrokenTypewriter BrokenTypewriter 2 years ago
Really sucked me in! The only errors I saw were with the punctuation- it was pretty messed up- But the description and flow was great :D I'm curious to see what happens next :D
XxWild_ChildxX XxWild_ChildxX 2 years ago
This is a great start! Your writing style is awesome! voted!
HelloKeyy HelloKeyy 2 years ago
it's really good. but it needs a lot of editing. there aren't suppose to be any spacing between the words and sentences with the punctuation(s). also, you should add more details.
also its short n sweet which is good to keep the readers attention but make sure not to keep them to short