Tree of Life

This is a thirteen year old boy's journey into magical healing. It is a time of awakening. Awakening to who you are, what you are meant to be, of friends and young love, of power and its use for good or evil. Book I is the book of beginnings. Book II outlines the further adventures of Julian, Nicole and Brian after they have grown up. What's at stake is magnified exponentially as the extent and full power of the Tree becomes realized. Book III...has not been written yet. :-) Here's a thought. ^.^ We Canadians sometimes spell things differently. Like 'neighbourhood', 'Paediatrics' or even 'honour'. How's that? :-) So, thank you all so much, but please do not edit my work for spelling or grammar. All right? :-) I'd rather get there on my own, eventually.
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this is interesting me. its definitely different
 but its like the beginning of Percy Jackson, you don't really understand it well enough until of gets exiting.
Once again a beautiful story! Your an awesome writer! Plus, again I like the cover! :D
Not exactly tire there's a girl in my class her arm only goes down to just above her elbow she was born like that she's on a swim team and rides her bike
thank you..i still need to study this apps., :)thanks sir.from :Philippines.. :)
Amazing! I love how you've painted such a realistic picture of the boy's life xD
Hi I l have actually read this months back. And I just wanna tell you I really liked it. It was the first book I read in Wattpad. :)

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