Tree of Life

You are now reading Books I and II in a combined format. They are presented here as a single volume. Book I is about a thirteen year old boy's journey into magical healing. It is a time of awakening. Awakening to who you are, what you are meant to be, of friends and young love, of power and its use for good or evil. Book I is the book of beginnings. Book II outlines the further adventures of Julian, Nicole and Brian after they have grown up. What's at stake is magnified exponentially as the extent and full power of the Tree becomes realized. Book III has just begun. (Oct 10 2014) Please go check on my profile page. :-) Here's a thought. ^.^ We Canadians sometimes spell things differently. Like 'neighbourhood', 'Paediatrics' or even 'honour'. How's that? :-) So, thank you all so much, but please do not edit my work for spelling or grammar. All right? :-) I'd rather get there on my own, eventually.
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Wow, I really like this! I like the way you write. It's interesting and I like the detail you put into it. :) Great Job. :)

This is my favorite chapter by far I have no idea why but I love this chapter keep up the amazing work and amazing stories! 
This truly is one of my favorite books!  I'm going to read it now for the third time ^_^
Oh, I've had those before. They leave scars, and they're actually pretty common. When my mom froze it off I screamed.
I love the fact that the bully isn't cliché, the way you described him was so different than every other story, its awesome! :)
just saying GAH BLADDER INFECTIONS. I had one last year when I got really ill and had to go to hospital :/ they're so crappy

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