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CJ_is_God By CJ_is_God Updated 3 years ago
"He'd been forced to watch, hidden in the stone gutter under the temple, as the soldiers had turned everything he'd known into ash."

Twelve year old Garrow was forced to watch as soldiers of the Empire burned his village to the ground. He and the sole other survivor Arthur, fled for their lives. It was then that Garrow vowed to destroy the Empire and all that it stands for. Now at seventeen his is ready to enact his revenge.
LusciousGirls LusciousGirls 3 years ago
You have a great style of writing and a way with words. This is very interestin! I'll be sure to stick around.
downwitheggs downwitheggs 3 years ago
I really like it :D And I don't know if you did it on purpose, but the second page ended at the perfect spot to make me wanna keep reading.
Tank_Girl Tank_Girl 3 years ago
i still love it :) im a little confused as to why arthur calls him Ari though, so mayb work tht in there or something? urrm some grammar junk too but im sure u noticed that ^-^ im excited to read more :D