Apprentice 2: Morgana's sweet revenge

It’s been almost six years. However it’s almost upon them, something which could destroy Camelot forever. Merlin’s marriage is on the blink of collapsing while Adair and Percy can’t seem to stop getting into trouble. Anya and her young sister Amy are beginning to learn their true powers. Then there is Merlin Junior at six years old the same as Amy they are twins. Merlin junior for his age is learning fast. All of Merlin’s kids are his Apprentices now. However something is just around the corner. Matthew and Luke as they have grown older they have slowly split apart. These days they are always arguing over who is better than the other and who would make a better king. They are nearly sixteen but they are about to face the unforgettable. Everyone is...who will survive and who will be destroyed in this exciting story about Arthur, Merlin and their families. Will this be there last?
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This books so far is fantastic! Thanks for the cookie. XD can't wait till the other parts come out
@Emma Williams66. My bff your worth it and your an amazing person. The cookie was lovely.
Now Im all hungry for a cookie. lol. loved this chapter. it was amazing. I love how you showed the relationship they have with each other. loved it. love you x
What a lovely tasty cookie and its a rainbow one which is my favourite. My bff your amazing and my bff for life.
Thank you for the dedication. I really enjoyed this chapter and hope that you write more soon.

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