My Guardian Angel

all of us dream of having our guardian angel.. we even have our own description's for them..well, for me this is how i see MY GUARDIAN ANGEL
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great flow, like the summer winds blow. nice use of words, now everone has heard. your a great poet no everyone knows it
awww. Very cute. Flows well... and I just adore the concept. =) Well done!
I think this is my favorite poem that you've written so far. I really like the desciptive language in it and the loving mood. It gives off a nice, warm feeling. :) ~Voted.
love it =) its very sweet, mainly focuses on one strong emotion and it had a good rhyming scheme =) it has simple words but it gives out the meaning strongly nonetheless =) well written =)
It's nice to see poems with hidden stories and inspirations  to it. Great job! :)
Aw, it's so cute! I  really love it. <3 You descibed him so well, and used awesome imagery. I could actually invision what he looked like, and the intensions he had were so selfless. ^^ Great job, I applaud you. Vote~

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