Daddy's Little Girl ~COMPLETE~

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Harrison Kringe loses more than his wife when she suddenly dies after giving birth; he loses his mind. He blames his newborn baby girl for his devastating loss. She will pay the price for his insanity. Taught from birth to know only unimaginable horror, Harrison creates a monster. Can he control his creation, or will he become a victim of 'Daddy's Little Girl'?
I like the first chapter I hope the rest of the book will be as good as this! 
Ditch the bitch! Lol get everyone read the first 2 chapters of my new book phase!!
i am shaking just READING this. It's terrible! Oh my gosh... I got a blanket, curled up in a ball and am constantly looking over my shoulder! o_o
I hope he slips and falls HIMSELF in the fire instead of the baby
I never was traditional nor am or would ever be.. But still u can't just blame ur loss to god! Bcoz ur too coward to accept it and move on
Everything has to come to end .. For some its sooner than the others