Daddy's Little Girl ~COMPLETE~

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Harrison Kringe loses more than his wife when she suddenly dies after giving birth; he loses his mind. He blames his newborn baby girl for his devastating loss. She will pay the price for his insanity. Taught from birth to know only unimaginable horror, Harrison creates a monster. Can he control his creation, or will he become a victim of 'Daddy's Little Girl'?
Amazing story ....I'm daddy's little girl too...but not the one you wrote on...
It's sad she was so shocked at her giving birth without her knowing that she died. I'm thinking it's her husbands fault actually since he said the words in the first place.  Rest in Peace...
I WAS READING THIS AND MY BROTHER CAME UP BEHIND ME AND SPOKE TO ME. I had a mini heart attack and had to wait for 20 mins or so until I calmed down
and I an not being mean or saying this is wrong our complaining, I am just saying when a women goes into Labor and assuming he's a first time parent and didn't know the area that he would call an ambulance. Of course that might not go with the story plot line so this way also makes sense.
Because it is grammatically incorrect. "Rebecca stirs" isn't a sentence that can stand alone.
Uhh. Aye. Let's see if I'll be holding my teddy bear to sleep. Lol.