Daddy's Little Girl ~COMPLETE~

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Harrison Kringe loses more than his wife when she suddenly dies after giving birth; he loses his mind. He blames his newborn baby girl for his devastating loss. She will pay the price for his insanity. Taught from birth to know only unimaginable horror, Harrison creates a monster. Can he control his creation, or will he become a victim of 'Daddy's Little Girl'?
Wow, this author knows how to write a story. I seriously just choked.
Omg no listen, if you cut her up with an axe I will seriously hunt you down stab you fifteen times and the last thing you'll see is the point of my blade in your eye! Your left eye! Maybe your right eye. Or both of them! You better not touch her!
Okay so there is something seriously wrong with me. I shouldn't be laughing about a BABY BEING FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET after you CUT hr up! Although that sounds kinda fun ONLY if it wasn't a friggin BABY! Btw, *whisper* the author sounds like serial killer. On with the story!
I am so sorry. I couldn't help but laugh. A friggin garbage disposal, really dude?
I agree with ManousMom I too had to stop reading the comments because it's ruining mood your setting,just really juvenile silly comments but that's just my opinion
omg I thought he had killed the baby then,so glad she's still alive cos that would of been awful