Daddy's Little Girl ~COMPLETE~

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MikeTurpen By MikeTurpen Completed
Harrison Kringe loses more than his wife when she suddenly dies after giving birth; he loses his mind. He blames his newborn baby girl for his devastating loss. She will pay the price for his insanity. Taught from birth to know only unimaginable horror, Harrison creates a monster. Can he control his creation, or will he become a victim of 'Daddy's Little Girl'?
brebre2310 brebre2310 6 days ago
@luvl12  everyone's gonna die sooner or later its not always god #stop
NoelAgulto NoelAgulto 9 days ago
I kinda don't get why she suddenly died like that after waking up.
Ha!!!! In tears it's a book I don't feel bad for laughing AT ALL LOL 
Ruined my damn day not the whole story but it was awesome!!!!!
nevercute nevercute 12 days ago
lizespinosa1 lizespinosa1 13 days ago
Alright you wanna play like that how bout let's MAKE BABY OIL