Rejected: A Werewolf Tale (getting scrapped)

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_bl4kr0z3 By _bl4kr0z3 Updated 2 years ago
Mackenzie was rejected by her mate in the worst way possible. During the mating chase she caught Adrian and the pack's certified slut making out, while he was supposed to be searching for her. She can't escape the pack so how does she deal, she meets someone else, a human, but what happens when it turns out to be something more dangerous then she ever expected.

I just came up with a whole new concept for this so this might get scrapped forgive me but I can't continue writing something that I don't think is any good
Kathaleeya Kathaleeya 2 years ago
So the first I saw was Daenerys/Dany/Emilia Clarke on the cover and I was like I have to read this! You have a strong opening and a strong ending, and good job!
Mistie35 Mistie35 3 years ago
That was great ans soooooo sad. Especially with the music playing. Fantastic job!!!!!!!  :)
youandme09 youandme09 3 years ago
nice going in there...but im hoping that mackenzie let them know that shes there...
my_mind_speak my_mind_speak 3 years ago
If I were her? I'm going to give them a level 100 b*tch slap and another I'm PMS-ing rant. lol
iKenneth15 iKenneth15 3 years ago
I think I like it. Lol, it seems really interesting. Very descriptive too. I think I noticed a few mistakes but editing can totally fix it. I must say, this has a good story plot. Great Job. Good luck with your story :D
aCaptainsFortune aCaptainsFortune 3 years ago
I love this! I will be fanning and adding to my library. It's not you typical rejection story, you've changed aspects and it's a nice refresher. Please upload soon!