An Unbreakable Bond

37 Part Story 771K Reads 4.9K Votes
_Shakespeare169 By _Shakespeare169 Updated 2 years ago
How far would you go for your child? What happens when love clouds your judgment? Annabel struggles with herself and her fragmented past, in search of answers. Can she change the past or is her future already decided?
Misslady_S Misslady_S 2 years ago
Really great work... Cant wait to start reading your other books
roxsygirl81 roxsygirl81 2 years ago
i starteed readin this on my wattpad ph app and HAD to find it online so i could vote, really enjoying it so far!! thank u
imaninani imaninani 2 years ago
About to read story....just read promising excited:) New to wattpad.
Misslady_S Misslady_S 2 years ago
Wow what an awesome story,  i couldnt stop reading.... I was anxious to see what the outcome was. The vid is a nice touch
Spice88 Spice88 2 years ago
this is the best story so far.
waiting for the 37th part. :)
mrdark13 mrdark13 2 years ago
im kind of a little new to wattpad. im still trying to figure things out. could you please tell me how you did the cast list?