The girl from the dark

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yvonne96 By yvonne96 Updated 2 years ago
A collection of poems depicting the plight and if luckly the destiny of the people from the dark...READ ON... give it a try... the poem speaks it all...the emotions that you forever tried to hide might be out there somewhere..

And guys most importantly chk the author's note,I mean it. I don't want you to vote or comment, for this poem wasn't meant for that. It holds more purpose than just a bunch of words.

P.S Can we talk?
sockmonstr sockmonstr 2 years ago
This is amzing corinna!!!! Omg. You never told me you had these. I love it!!!!
Genevia Genevia 2 years ago
wow!! so.................. amazing, I am gonna read more <3 :)
Chemis3 Chemis3 3 years ago
I feel that I've read and voted on these before. Eh? Wattpad's going crazy. Haha. Imma vote again then... =)
MisakiAyuzawaChan MisakiAyuzawaChan 3 years ago
i love this story, it's make me feel depress cuz i have ever had this feeling :(
knightwriter knightwriter 3 years ago
this is very heartfelt and the emotions are so genuinely evoked through your word choices and imagery.  peace and love ~)K
Lessthantruthful Lessthantruthful 3 years ago
Very well written. I liked the line "her world is an unknown land". It is a lot better than a lot of poetry I have read on wattpad :)