Anger Management Issues (Paul Lahote Love Story)

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purpleninja309 By purpleninja309 Updated a year ago
Logan Artera is Quil Artera's little sister and she has got some serious anger management issues. She was shipped of to Italy when she was 11. Now being 17 she's being sent back to her hometown of La Push, Washington. There she reunites with her old best friend Seth Clearwater and meets a handsome member of the pack going by the name of Paul Lahotte. Has Paul Lahotte met his match or is this firery brunette to much for him to handle?
PeaceOliivaGroft PeaceOliivaGroft 6 months ago
paul just imprinted her when she just walked into the house.
fluffymeowcat fluffymeowcat 2 years ago
@purpleninja309 I did and I;m laughing to hard@purpleninja309
DiannaIsabella04 DiannaIsabella04 2 years ago
That was good your good I hope you could read my works and give me your opinion on them
Ninjaaaa Ninjaaaa 3 years ago
Capilazation... @purpleninja306 yes I'm actually reading it.
zozolovesxoxo zozolovesxoxo 3 years ago
i think it's funny, does it have any relation to twilight? and i think the name bobo stewart is funny too xD Idea's pretty good, grammar is fluent too :)
BornToWrite47 BornToWrite47 3 years ago
Haha he imprinted on Logan! Haha nice. I think you are doing well just maybe describing a little more, but even that isn't a major thing. I think you are doing really good. :)