Lea likes One Direction. Who doesnt? So does Leas best friend, Emily. Emily likes One Direction VERY VERY much. So much she.....kidnaps them. Lea is thrown into the crazy world of One Direction and trust me, it gets crazy! Well the be freed? Read on, my friends and fellow directioners, read on.
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No offense by this is a little crazy. Also I don't really like 1d. But if I was a directioner if love this
Great job on it! Its really unique and ive read it like seven times already plz continue it.
I feel like this book is gonna be terrible bc most books that use caps aren't good bleh I hope I'm wrong
I read your reason about how most of the stories were the same and needed changing, and I think you're right. btw, this book already seems amazing.
Am I the only one imagining the first tour diary where Louis had masking tape on his mouth then harry ripped it off?
Umm.... Yeah... I think Emily would be me in this situation and Lea is my BFF Sammi

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