Lea likes One Direction. Who doesnt? So does Leas best friend, Emily. Emily likes One Direction VERY VERY much. So much she.....kidnaps them. Lea is thrown into the crazy world of One Direction and trust me, it gets crazy! Well the be freed? Read on, my friends and fellow directioners, read on.
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Umm.... Yeah... I think Emily would be me in this situation and Lea is my BFF Sammi
I've been looking for this story for like ever! I read it awhile ago and want to read it again but I couldn't find it! I love this sooooo much
I feel like I missed something but... did she kidnap her friend because she might tell?
You need to work on your plot a little better cus I got confused a little but I'm loving it ;)
Please read mine!!! This so good could you tell me what you think of mine please? x
Ok… what kind of crazy ass friend would kidnap 1D… let alone HER BEST FRIEND WITH THEM!!!!!!!!

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