Fire and Ice

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summerstorm By summerstorm Updated 3 years ago
A secret. A war. An eternal battle. Alantra is the proud daughter of an Ilton diplomat, a strong young woman who's hatred for the Bacchii runs deep in her veins. Tarlase is the heir to the Bacchii monarchy and will stop at nothing to see his war won. But when the two are thrown together, their individual struggles will reveal secrets thought forgotten and truths that will threaten the very existence they are both fighting so hard to win.
Beme4life333 Beme4life333 5 years ago
Omg this sounds A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! ANd I really like how you make the emotions so heartwrenching. I can literally feel her sadness that he is leaving....;D LUV IT!!!!!!
Beme4life333 Beme4life333 5 years ago
Damn, this sounds so good......I think im gonna read it! Haha.
haferness3 haferness3 5 years ago
this is really good! you're an amazing writer and I love how you make everything flow! keep up the good work!
1xravenx1 1xravenx1 5 years ago
i like it but seriously, write what you want. not what you think we may like. if people chose not to read your stories its their loss xx
omniaetnihil omniaetnihil 5 years ago
i really enjoyed this chap!!! ^^
plz continue... i'll be waitin XD

Kate-Dimka Kate-Dimka 5 years ago
be* not bw LOL!
Oh and.... the flashback seems rather interesting.
A bit of mystery first chapter. That's a good thing cause I want to know who this bloke is =P