All I want is change

I don't have vast wealth to make a change but this is my try through words to make a difference. Please read
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simple yet powerful, it really made me think of how I take things for granted sometimes when really I should be grateful.
Splendid work of poetry, well done.
Awesome work of poetry :) I think it is the best way of expressing your views. Good job!
Extremely inspirational. It makes you think of what you have compared to what somebody else does not. I love it <3
Extremely thought provoking, and tear provoking. At least for me...

Your poem is very beautiful and rhymes excellently! I love it so much :)
This is so very true. We don't appreciate thing given to us in American, so this is a fantastic poem
This is beautiful, and so true. Not many people write like this nowdays and it's a real shame. You have talent and are clearly a very caring person.

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