The Unwanted Mate

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Bree. By SuchANerd200 Updated a year ago
"Why are you trying to be my mate all of the sudden." I asked him "What I did was wrong I want you to be my mate instead of Tessa. I want you I be mine." "I'm sorry I can't be yours you never had me in the first place. You had a chance, but now it's to late." I walk away before he could say anything else. Why did I have to be the unwanted mate?!                                                                 Alexis Rose Anderson is just average girl who's a nerd, but she's a punching bag and a maid in the pack. She doesn't shift in front of people, so they treated her like trash because she cannot shift.   James Taylor is the Soon-to-be Alpha of the pack. He never wanted a mate, but when he finds out that Alexis his mate. He rejects because he thinks she weak and not a shifter. Will these two forget about the rejection and end up together in the end while trying to stop a rouge attack? Will she find someone new? Does he start to fall in love with her?
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