Caged Like an Animal

Kris had been your normal, average day adolescent teen - besides the fact that she was the only werewolf in her family, and was hated for it. She gets sick of being treated like a monster and so runs away from her family, only to wake up in a cage. She doesn't know what's happening to her. Or Where she is. Or What they plan to do with her.
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This sounds awful for her to be caged like that but I love it and you have some spelling errors
This was a good chapter, before I go to the 2nd chapter I will like to ask, hoe do you get your ideas?
This is really good. You kept me interested! This is definitely different from your average werewolf story. Beside a few minor errors, this is awesome.
Nice work! Don't you think the whole werewolf thing is a little overdone now though? Try something about zombies! (:
I don't get it.. to stand on all fours in humanform? Or was it in wolf form only that I missed her shift??
I love this story and where its going! <(^o^)> Pls upload whenever you can! :) I voted and fanned as well! xxx

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