Allure - The House in the Woods (The Allure Trilogy #1) - ON HOLD

Billie was a 14 year old girl who had everything. A hilarious twin sister who she shared everything with, a devoted mother and father who seemed to have the perfect marriage and a safe, loving home, which had an abundance of happy memories. Fast forward a year later and everything had dramatically changed and nothing would ever be the same again. The shell of her former self after loosing her twin sister, Tammy, in a ‘freak accident’, Tammy’s death affected her entire world and now she was alone, wondering in the darkness. Sent to live in a new town with her father and his new family, she struggles with the abandonment from her mother, as she also tries to deal with the lost of her daughter, and isolates herself from everyone. That is until she meets her new mysterious neighbour, Bryn who is overly keen to know more about how her twin died, and the three intriguing popular girls of the town as they welcome her into their circle with chilling consequences…
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This was a great beginning for your story!
And the music suites really well. I can never find music good enough to match with my chapters!
The detail is superb, it makes reading a lot easier and your grammar is great!!!
I can see everything shes doing in my head! your words are so vivid its like your painting a picture! I really like it so far!!
you're great at describing things. this is a great chapter! and if i may, i want to suggest you to use " " instead of ' ' to start a conversation :)

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