Another World (One Direction: Niall Horan)

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mr_suspenders By mr_suspenders Updated 2 years ago
Payton Adams. 

Her first name seemed nothing more than the ordinary.. But her last? It had a title! A legendary story that no one could ever know about!

Daughter of no other than THE John Adams himself, she lived a life full of simplicity. A ordinary 17 year old teenage girl living the life she should be: school work, cliques, and even boys!

But what if she had another name? Another name only her chat-mate “Blondie” new about... What if she had another life? Another life that involved not just her father’s eyes, but his explicit talent.

Niall Horan.

1/5th of the most hottest boy band out there! With a face like his, he couldn’t walk down a street without a fan in sight. He was popular, anything but normal to exact.

So who could have thought, that an ordinary teenage-girl and not-so-normal celebrity, both shared a friendship that started before they even met? 

Is this reality, or maybe just Another World?
DeJiaMarshall DeJiaMarshall 14 days ago
She's been thinking about things like that since she was two?
DeJiaMarshall DeJiaMarshall 14 days ago
Calm your tits! They're not sexist or anything crap like that, they'd just rather not be mobbed and die.
EmeliLiz EmeliLiz 2 months ago
niall can't wait. niall is above all of us. niall wants something niall gets it.
JoblondaPayne JoblondaPayne 2 months ago
John Adams wasn't a musical artist. He was a founding father... Wut
lorabarry lorabarry 2 months ago
Errr do I need to read any book before this one so I can understand more?
eightrack eightrack 2 months ago
but john adams was from the 1700s and was the second president...