Pregnant By My Brother's Best Friend

Natalie Cooper is a seventeen year old senior in high school. After one drunken Halloween night, her life changes forever - with someone she's known her entire life.
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Da ra da da da ra da ra da are you ready for this LETS GET READY TOOOO RUMBLEEEEE
my class had to watch it for ss let me tell you she has the biggest boobs and hips like what is Disney doing
i actually found it ironic that she said "I felt the blood drain from my face" bc it's supposed to be draining from your vag ok seeya
of course the author would make the main character completely and impossibly perfect -_-
thats very nice of you to tell me that. especially since im a girl and love to read the description of other girls boobs and butts.

please note the sarcasm.
I wish my mum said that for me to have the day off I have to be on my death bed!

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