Pregnant By My Brother's Best Friend

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Natalie Cooper is a seventeen year old senior in high school. After one drunken Halloween night, her life changes forever - with someone she's known her entire life.
Everyone is thinking of a song but I'm just thinking of an amusement park slogan. fml
What has the world turned into?!? For Halloween I was Augustus gloop and my friend was Harry Potter 
lol from my personal experience when you're drunk you deny it til the cows come home and then the next day you wake up and think "shiz yeah I was drunk"
At first I was like dude wrong name and then I was like actually I don't know her name
this was a great book to read. I enjoyed it a lot. Go on with this talent and keep writing looking forward to your next book
Sorry...this story is nice but i think it's too good to be true...