Inertia in Motion (*Rewriting*)

(Previously known as Accidentally in Love) Aisha Collins believes she can only love one person her whole life. What will happen when destiny plays a trick on her? Who will she choose when Love comes knocking at her door? Her best friend that's always there for her? The new guy that's head over heels for her? Or her childhood nemesis who returned after a horrific accident? Join Aisha and her friends in their humorous and peculiar attempt in struggling to find their happily ever after, and seizing their very own eureka moment.
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Ay how sad. If ever magiging ok sila bka makita nya lng ung girl as the girl of his past. :(
OMG she's in love with that guy too quickly! Hahahahah I'll keep going. This book is interesting though :3
Lol u no wuts funny? My names Maisha and this girl's name is Aisha. So far i luv this book! Ur a great writer!
Very nice way to describe the characters. Very descriptive and easy to picture in a readers mind. :)
Yea, u convinced me that the songs are part of the story too.... wut got me in this is song, i guess, is 'three,shoobeedoo' wierd right?
Did you get the title from the song 'acidentally in love' by any change? ^3^
I love that song.

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