Take Me, Make Me Yours

Zephyr has a new boss at work. He's her mate and she wants him so badly, but she can't have him. Why? Her abusive boyfriend has ruined her for any other man and she doesn't think her mate will want her. Athanasius knows the quiet beauty is his mate but every time he tries to get close to touch her, she flees. Will this dom let his mate get away or will he make her submit to him? WARNING: Before you start reading if you do not like a Ménage à trois, then please do not read this!
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Ummm HELL NAHH. Better do like in this christmas get you some baby oil and a belt, have him take a shower and fire on his ahhs.
Thank god for the knock at the door! I could practically see him hitting her smh what a jerk!
Can't believe u took it down was going to reread it but now I can't and I wish I would put the chapters back up for all ur fans on watt pad
Please put the other chapters back on here. The story is so good. Yuur a good writer. So yuu should share yuur gift wit everybody.
Why did u take down all the chapers I was looking foward to reading this book today :c
Im with you on that one! Fudge! I am SO HOOKED! Im dieing to know what happends next! XD uhh this is AMAZING! XD@sainma

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