A Bet Gone Wrong

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xXTheBelieverXx By xXTheBelieverXx Updated 4 months ago
This book only goes up to Chapter Three. It is undergoing editing so that it can enter the publishing process. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Book 1 of the "Gone Wrong" Series
"I bet you eight hundred bucks that I can get her to fall in love with me, and sleep with her, before football camp."
Cameron and his four other best friends (also known as the man-whores) have been betting each other to get with a girl, sleep with her, and break her heart. Unlike most guys though, they aren't exactly sweethearts. They're decieving boys who know how to do and say anything in order to win. What happens when Cameron has to make a bet where the girl must fall in love with him as well as sleep with him? She knows the rules, the game, even the boys (one being her best friend). Cameron has until football camp to woo her in order to win the bet. Will Rebecca fall for Cameron's trap?
Dauntlessrenegade Dauntlessrenegade 7 days ago
I'm never ever ever ever going to like these people, not even Cameron
Love2Read99 Love2Read99 15 days ago
omg 35?!?!?! That's a lot of girls... but that's not my business *sips tea*
Justine113 Justine113 23 days ago
I've dissected a shark before and all I gotta say is it smelled so bad
Zayum_Ba3_Cali Zayum_Ba3_Cali 24 days ago
Am I the only one who replaced Jack and Cameron with Jack Gilinsky and Cameron Dallas?
realwontwork64 realwontwork64 2 months ago
AAAHHHHH My name's Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoop Whoop good choice!!!