Meant to be Broken [boyxboy] [Watty Awards 2012]

Junior year hasn't started very well for Ives Fay; his father passed away over the summer and he's still having trouble accepting it, his mother is dealing with her own depression by chain-smoking and drinking, his sister finds it necessary to sleep with every guy she can in order to deal with her own emotions, and he has an androgynous stalker who comes to school as a guy one day and a girl the next. It's all really messing with his mind. So he finds his escape in self-mutilation and bottles of alcohol stashed in his closet, hoping that the temporary fix will somehow become permanent. Then, when he's on a fast track to an early end, he meets Tomi, a guy so much like himself, but so very different. Could their nearly instant friendship be enough to save Ives from his dangerous path? And could Tomi give enough to be Ives' saving grace? Or will Tomi's own troubles prevent either of them from ever finding happiness?
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I really enjoyed this story.  Characters are wonderful.  I finished it in about a day.
What a well written story.  Love all the character's.
Read in on sitting because I could not stop reading.

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