Beware of the football team....

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blahsydney By blahsydney Updated 5 months ago
'There's something weird about this school.'
kitten_13 kitten_13 a month ago
my friend Nick name is shadow and Sadler sounds like he's always sad
TahliaLewis0 TahliaLewis0 3 months ago
We'll god damn. I mean. Can you buy yourself a personality too?
jmr-cuddles jmr-cuddles 3 months ago
When It says her room number is it suppose to be 11009? Or 109
yagirlnyny yagirlnyny 4 months ago
How the freak do they do reports with out computers?! And hell no my phone will never leave my side!!!!!
Nicoliom2 Nicoliom2 4 months ago
@masked_from_reality I was seriously about the exact same thing you can't go wrong with free food a sexy guy is just a plus
Nicoliom2 Nicoliom2 4 months ago
same I love their songs they can always put me in a good mood