Beware of the football team....

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blahsydney By blahsydney Updated 2 years ago
'There's something weird about this school.'
Anyone else think of Leona Lewis. I don't care what they say I'm in love with you❤️
And there's the cheesy title reference that comes to early in the book
Them are not why you need to be worried about. You need to be worried about getting to English class. ijs
*smuggles all the technology into pockets* WHAAAAAA?!?!?!! I do not have any devices on me!!! THATS MAHOGANY!! you guys have metal detectors here ... *runs away*
@uniquely_Z *turns around and throw beans at it* HOW DOES IT FEEL HÔE!!!! ( I make no sense)
who. were.them *just sits and stares at that one question* im sure this was a mistake. *continues to stare*