All Because of a Letter [slowly editing]

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_holakoala By _holakoala Updated 2 years ago
Just because of a letter, Elizabeth—a novelist—searches for the person who wrote it. Just because of a letter she changes a life. Just because of a letter she found Logan Smith. Just because of a letter, she fell in love.
iheartcheese iheartcheese 3 years ago
Loved the idea of the letter, it gave me the i-love-chick-flicks feeling. Great start =)
Fade_Away Fade_Away 3 years ago
Great start. I loved your descrptions, very well writen. I love it how she got inspired by the letter. I loved the letter, it made me smile when i read it. It was beautifully writen. I'm putting this in my library, and will keep on reading it. 
By way, cover is stuffing too. 
Great job!
sophiabelle sophiabelle 3 years ago
Your choice of names is spectacular, okay? It's sort of old but I really like that haha. There's just a few grammatical errors, but nothing major. The letter part was well-written. I think overall it was really good (: good job!
madnessisme madnessisme 3 years ago
okay, it's good but I would do some editing. Your sentence structure is odd, but unique. The problem is it becomes overused and your story does not flow as well. You should try to mix it up a bit. Good work so far though
Miroitement Miroitement 3 years ago
you have great way with detail and your a good writer. I really like this. I'll read more later.
krizziejaner krizziejaner 3 years ago
I think this was a good start. I like how it was detailed, but I can't help thinking that this storyline is quite familiar. I can't place it though. Oh and it would do better if you could edit it a bit. Just some polishing. Good job!