DIVOT Careful Icarus, for the sun is hottest at it's zenith and the ripples end when they meet the shore. The words "I can" rings loudest, when we ask why for. Great piece of inspirational writing. Sounds like your up for the challenge. " ============================================================== CHALLENGE647 I have no need to be hesitant Daedalus! I shall acquire this monster Sol and you shall all see, what an illusion the Sun can be. Maybe your ripples end at the shore, being nothing more. But mines, repetitious with ease, will keep until the "I cannot" has ceased. LOVED YOUR REMARK (or insult) It was very clever and original! ^^ ============================================================== :) WHAT SOMEONE REPLIED TO MY POEM(on another site), THOUGHT I SHOULD SHARE WITH YOU ALL
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This is very mythical and mystically dreamy to me. Its just so whimsical and lighthearted and enlightening and the visuals are so exciting! This was superb.
@challenge647 No no.. I was surprised because it was so well written and I hafldnt seen this s tyle in awhile
@challenge647  sorry about the grammer...  i'm glad i was the first to SENSE this.
see what i did there? sorry i'm weird like that
i can sence the feeling of hope in this poem! the words are very descriptive. i simply loved this poem. it was very good. :) also voted
The old fashioned words, the exclamation points... It kind of reminds me of Emily Dickenson :)  And she's my favorite poet.
Great writing :) I like the language you use and it flow very well. Your verses of the birds is amazing :) Great job!

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