The Chessboard Asylum

   Their eyes were the first thing I noticed. Some of the patients had faraway, glazed eyes, and were very unfocused. The others had pupils that seemed to devour their irises, only leaving a very thin circle around the black holes, or, 'pupils'. I do not belong here, I thought as I was manhandled down the hallways. I do not belong here, I am not crazy. To her surprise, Orchid actually made friends here at Rikoshay's Asylum for the Mentally Deranged, also known as the Chessboard Asylum to the ones who inhabit it. Or maybe friends was too strong of a word.
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i have an obsession with the criminally and mentally insane idk asylums fascinate me
What if you made Quennt or whoever and orchid like each other that would be amazing!
omg i love this. and  @girlwithscissors  should go cut herself cause shes goth. who cares about reality??
Quentt seems like a cool dude. Patch irritates me. Riddle & Rumor seem like something that'd make good twincest...0.o
Update soon(;

Sounds like it could be interesting. I like the whole asylum thing but hey I loved Suckerpunch.

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