The Chessboard Asylum

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Their eyes were the first thing I noticed. Some of the patients had faraway, glazed eyes, and were very unfocused. The others had pupils that seemed to devour their irises, only leaving a very thin circle around the black holes, or, 'pupils'.
I do not belong here, I thought as I was manhandled down the hallways. I do not belong here, I am not crazy.

To her surprise, Orchid actually made friends here at Rikoshay's Asylum for the Mentally Deranged, also known as the Chessboard Asylum to the ones who inhabit it.

Or maybe friends was too strong of a word.
floatinganchors floatinganchors 7 months ago

is he cute?
floatinganchors floatinganchors 7 months ago
i have an obsession with the criminally and mentally insane idk asylums fascinate me
glitterskies glitterskies 3 years ago
omg i love this. and  @girlwithscissors  should go cut herself cause shes goth. who cares about reality??
girlwithscissors girlwithscissors 3 years ago
@Craving_Sanity yeah but that doesn't change the fact that your grammar and voice are non-existant that that the plot is unclear. or that your main character's name is Orr-kidd
Quentt seems like a cool dude. Patch irritates me. Riddle & Rumor seem like something that'd make good twincest...0.o
Update soon(;

XoXoBubblesX XoXoBubblesX 3 years ago
0-0 I want to read more. Patch seems pretty adorable xD Fav. Line: "I murdered one hundred ninety-nine women. I'm not afraid to change that into an even number" 
Honestly, I don't even know why I love that line so much but I do >:3 XD <3 amazing job~