Dear Someone, ~ ( One Direction ) ** EDITING **

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1DMilkshakes By 1DMilkshakes Updated 2 years ago
Writing letters with a stranger isn't strange, right?
Yeah.. Well I'm going to find that out.

This story is with a lot of mistakes, because it was my first English story ever! I'm not English, so there'll be a lot of mistakes. Please, respect that. I'm having editors who are editing this story for me now, but still. 

With that, enjoy the story!

(There's a PLOT VERSION of this story too, check it out on my profile!)
lolunicornsx lolunicornsx a year ago
Hi! Please check out my story! I just started this writing thing and I promise I'll get better soon! Thanks! :)
mitcheluvsya mitcheluvsya a year ago
nice to meet you to. *reaching my hand towards her even though shes not even there*......awkward
louisbiteme louisbiteme 2 years ago
omg dont tell me this is not louis 'o' cause i really likr louis and chloe to be together.. pls pls pls tell me this guy is louis
taylorswiftia taylorswiftia 2 years ago
I have real enjoyed your book!:) I LOVE the description and how realistic it is! I  absolutely in love with ur novel!!!!!!!:D <3
ChelseaPayne1DFTW ChelseaPayne1DFTW 2 years ago
Hi! My name 's Chelsea, I'll be reading ur fanfic and then after I'll tell u if ur an amazing writer and what u could be able to do to make ur writing better. Okay, so... Umm... Bye?
gretahanters gretahanters 2 years ago
I'm Realllyyy SUCKED IN!!! Plus I <3 Louis. So that helps. Keep on writingg! Ur very good!