What a Girl Wants (Completed)

Nicole, a.k.a skinny legs or virgin pants, was never really into Lucas Anderson. The guy who scored with every girl, every girl loving him while he just walked about with one girl on his mind. Nicole met Lucas and instantly knew he was a player who thrived on girl’s moans but did he really? Lucas kept it a secret for so long...he kept it from her, and from everyone. When Nicole finds herself falling for the player will she realise he’s different? Can Lucas figure out what a girl wants in time to get Nicole? Is this love I smell or just another friends with benefits situation? Follow Nicole in her journey to figure out the player’s big secret and what girls really want...and need...
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well not enough sex but great not rushed or anything one question do ur mum and dad no u know about sex??
haha!!! I like this girl! hot man feeling her up, just teasing him the whole time... my kinda girl
I read this book over a 100000 times and I never get enough xx Gonna read it again =))
Can u make a SEQUAL to this. I finished it and went looking for a second one on your page but its on hold. Why? :( I loved this book
Hey I am confused...Can Anyone just explain me the start bit cuz I don't understand but I really like this story though...
Please, don't deleted this story. EVER!! I'm begging you :) this book inspired me to read more, please. Don't delete this book?

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