What a Girl Wants (Completed)

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Jess By Jesseybaby Completed
Nicole, a.k.a skinny legs or virgin pants, was never really into Lucas Anderson. The guy who scored with every girl, every girl loving him while he just walked about with one girl on his mind. 
    Nicole met Lucas and instantly knew he was a player who thrived on girl’s moans but did he really? Lucas kept it a secret for so long...he kept it from her, and from everyone. 
    When Nicole finds herself falling for the player will she realise he’s different? Can Lucas figure out what a girl wants in time to get Nicole? Is this love I smell or just another friends with benefits situation?
    Follow Nicole in her journey to figure out the player’s big secret and what girls really want...and need...
Yasss its starting I know a good book when it's starts with THAT!!
This should be they are . There is used in the context oof there is my book
yall are all super rude. seriously shut up with your slut shaming.
really I thought  it was about a Virginia not some sluts I'm no longer reading  this book
When did we start taking about showering one another? Lol what even
"Oh yeah, I'm also writing you both up, give you a 1 in conduct, making you do an alternative assignment where you will write and essay instead of a play, and giving you Saturday detention for the rest of the school year. Have a lovely day."