One Bad Move (Memo Clarkson's Story)

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HaveYouSeenThisGirL By HaveYouSeenThisGirL Updated 7 months ago
Who is the real enemy?
Nicoloowww Nicoloowww 7 days ago
7 months of waiting 

miccagreenrose miccagreenrose 8 days ago
tagal kong hinanap story ni memo.. and finally i found it !!☺
devilishangel22 devilishangel22 12 days ago
the prologue was very interesting.. can't wait to read the whole story':)
yepdazme59 yepdazme59 14 days ago
To read or naaah? TO READ! Haha! Nababaliw na ata ako dito talking to myself- this is your fault Memo... Resulting to crazy thoughts. Psychoanalysing and overthinking.. haha chos
Airiane16 Airiane16 18 days ago
nakakatuwa ang mga names haha.. pero napaka creative.  fave ko si Castle faber!
jerRhen22 jerRhen22 20 days ago
im so excited to read this story. sorry late reactiob ako *^▁^*.. ngayon lang kasi ako nka.scan ng mga stories and i found this memo clarkson stories which i've longing to read .. the manipulator. geezzz.. start na'ko.. ^O^