Untouchable (Watty 2012 Awards Finalist - LGBT)

Alan Stewart was already torn between two men, Max the too-young son of his best friend and Michael, running from his past. Now it looked like his best friend had got himself mixed up in murder ... (LGBT / Slash) Aurigan Space Series Book Five
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I love your sci fi slash books, they're amazing! You're very talented at writing:-) hope to read more.
Great chapter! I'm already excited about a possible attraction forming between Stewart and Banner - it's always more fun when one of them is straight! :-P
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Not that my comment is much. 
Only that I'm at work and I've started reading your story.
@elveloy Great work!!! This has the makings of being your best one yet! I hope you work everything out and upload soon!
Amazing! Cool new take on this! I love that it's more than spaceship this time... And police are always touchy!

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