I Wish (A One Direction Story)

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lorybear By lorybear Updated a year ago
Harry Styles is the typical boy next door...literally.  Harry lives right next door to his crush, Mindy. When he is partnered up with her for an English assignment, will their relationship bloom or will it just wilt? Stay tuned and find out!
YaceniaGlover YaceniaGlover 2 years ago
Ewww  the wanted one direction Yupppp I love them to death <3 <3 <3 <3 :)
mandy_truong mandy_truong 3 years ago
Its funny when first Harry thought the boy named Max something and now that he said his name is Matt correctly. Lol its good ya know haha
Isabellestories Isabellestories 3 years ago
I love your writing style!, woo!, i think you should add a bit more in-depth description of the characters pasts. but other than that, i love it! amazing! xx